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Da Nord A Sud

My journey from north- to south-Italy

From North To South

My dream became true. I started on the 27. of October 2021 from Gorzegno and arrived six months later, on the 27. of April 2022 in Prizzi , a village in the heart of Sicily. Always next to me my beloved animals: Rhiannon was carrying the lugguage, tent, sleeping bag, kitchen, cloths, food and much more while Bamiro was carrying me. Sparta was walking or running next to us and protecting us in the night.

I slept wherever I found a good place for the horses: they were eating grass in the self made paddock while I slept in the tent, in stables, aboandoned houses, caves and some rare times in B&B or an Agriturismo.

From time to time I kneeded to go to the markets or supermarkets to buy food for me and Sparta. The horses were mostly eating grass and sometimes we encountered somebody who gave them hay and mash.

A really unique journey... I think I learned more about myself, people and life in this six months then in the last ten years.








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